& Voters' Guide will go live for the 2020 General Election in late September. Get a head start and learn about candidates on your ballot and what they have to say in response to League questions. Answers are in English and Spanish (where provided.)

Voters' Guide

The League of Women Voters of Montgomery County publishes a non-partisan Voters' Guide a month before the primary and general elections. The Guide contains unedited candidate statements and, for the General Election, explanations of the ballot questions.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, and the partial closure of many facilities, the printed guide for the 2020 General Election may not be available, as it usually is, in locations such as public libraries, county recreation and senior facilities, or Metro stops. If you want a paper copy of the Guide mailed to you, sign up here.

The General Election Voters' Guide will be available electronically through this website and other social media in early October. A limited number of additional paper copies are available at the League office. Call 301-984-9585 for more details.

Voters' Guide in English

Voters’ Guide 2020 Primary Election Printed Edition. Information about the Maryland Primary Election, offices on the ballot, and candidate responses to most questions posed by the League.

Voters’ Guide 2020 Primary Election, Expanded Edition – Contains candidate responses to ALL questions posed by the League. Some questions and answers were not printed in the printed edition due to space limitations.


Guía de Votantes en Español – Nueva Edición 2020

Guía de Votantes 2020 Elección Primaria Edición Impresa – Información sobre las Elecciones Primarias en Maryland, las candidaturas en la boleta, y las respuestas de los candidatos a la mayoría de las preguntas planteadas por la Liga. Guía publicada como un Suplemento de El Tiempo Latino en la edición de mayo 8.

Guía de Votantes 2020 Elección Primaria, Edición Ampliada – Incluye respuestas en español de los candidatos a todas las preguntas planteadas por la Liga. Debido al espacio limitado, algunas preguntas y respuestas no se incluyeron en la edición del diario.

Board of Education Candidate Forum

A virtual candidate forum is being planned for the Fall. Stay tuned.

Sign Up to Receive a 2020 General Election Voters' Guide

To receive a copy of the 2020 General Election Voters' Guide in the fall or an email letting you know when candidate information is available online in, provide your contact information here.

Research Report by LWVMC on Voters’ Guide

A League research report shows that Voters’ Guide users are more confident than those who rely on other sources of candidate information and are also more likely to vote in every contest on the ballot. Read the full study to learn how delivering the Voters’ Guide to newly registered voters and voters in low-turnout precincts affected voter participation. (Download Report | Appendices)


We will activate our call-in Voter Hotline in the Fall for General Election questions.