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The League of Women Voters Education Fund prepares a non-partisan electronic guide for voters at From an electronic device, you can see the races on your ballot, compare candidates' positions side-by-side, and print out a sample "ballot" showing your choices. Please note, although you can use this print-out while voting, electronic devices are not allowed in the polling place in Maryland. will go live for the 2018 General Election on September 22, with all the candidates’ responses to questions posed by the League. contains other useful voting information on a year-round basis. Enter your address for personalized voting information.

Voters’ Guide

The League of Women Voters of Montgomery County—Citizen Education Fund publishes a non-partisan Voters’ Guide a month before the primary and general elections. The Guide contains unedited candidate statements and, for the general election, explanations of the ballot questions. Printed copies are available at Montgomery County Public Libraries, some county facilities, senior and community centers, the League office, and online at Call 301-984-9585 for more details.

Videos from Candidate Forums

Board of Education Candidates Forum, September 26, 2018

Maryland Gubernatorial Debate 2018

Promotional Videos for the Voters’ Guide

Voting Videos

Speakers Bureau Ballot Question Explanations (General Election)


Voters’ Guides and Related Information

  • Voters' Guide 2018 General Election – Print edition that is available in county libraries and other locations as a 48 page tabloid newspaper. Contains abbreviated candidate information.
  • Voters' Guide Expanded Edition – Supplement to the print edition. Contains the candidates’ responses to ALL of the League questions asked for ALL the offices on the 2018 General Election ballot.
  • Guía de Votantes - Información en español sobre la elección primaria, sobre las candidaturas en la boleta, las preguntas a los candidatos, y la lista de candidatos.

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