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Empowering Voters - Defending Democracy

The LWVMC is a volunteer organization led by an elected Executive Committee and Board of Directors responsible for carrying out the mission of the LWVMC. The Board approves a budget, makes policy, and sets priorities. The Board meets monthly (up to nine months of the year); meetings are open to all members.
LWVMC Bylaws
LWVMC Public Policy Positions
LWVMC Tax Return

Executive Committee 2023-2025

       Susan Albertine
 First Vice President - Advocacy
  Joan Siegel
Second Vice President - Making Democracy Work
     Ralph Watkins
 Third Vice President - Program
     Nancy McMahan Farrar
Karen King

Board Of Directors 2023-2025

Sofia Antonioli
Linna Barnes
Gretchen Blankenship
Mary Ellen Condon
Lynn Dickinson
Shoshana Eisenberg
Judy Morenoff
Linda Silversmith

 Nominating Committee 
Ellen Stanton, Chair

Office Staff

Kate Titowsky
Alicia Wilson, Administrative Assistant


For more information about League Committees:
Find a description of committees or to join one -  Committees  Or
To email a chair check the Members ONLY Directory   Or
Email the League Office


Communications Recruiting
Discussion Group Coordinator Mary Ellen Condon 
Finance Linna Barnes
Membership                                                Diane Hibino and Shoshana Eisenberg 
Nominating Committee Ellen Stanton
Program Planning  Elaine Apter and Judy Morenoff
Speakers Bureau Elaine Apter
Trending Topics Vicky Strella 
Voter Editor Lynn Dickinson
LWVNCA Liaison                                        Gretchen Blankenship
LWVMD Liaison Camille Brewer
Calendar Sales Judy Morenoff
Fundraising Ralph Watkins


Agricultural Margaret Chasson
Civic Education Action Jenny Hess
Economic Development Margaret Chasson
Education Judy Morenoff
Environment  Linda Silversmith/ Nina Silverberg 
Housing Stephenie Moczydlowski
International Relations Judy Whiton
Land Use and Transportation Bee Ditzler
Law Enforcement  Cynthia Boddie-Willis
Making Democracy Work Ralph Watkins

Stay In Touch

LWV of Montgomery County, MD
27 Wood Lane
Rockville, MD 20850
PHONE:  301-984-9585