Making Democracy Work

Who We Are

The Making Democracy Work (MDW) committee focuses on voting and elections. We will prepare the 2020 Voters’ Guide in English and Spanish for both the rescheduled June Primary and November General Election and will also update the Your Voice Your Vote pamphlet. The Voters’ Guide in Spanish is being published as a supplement in El Tiempo Latino and was made possible by a Montgomery County Community Grant and Greater Washington Community Foundation Resilience Fund Grant.


We study reforms of the election process that are designed to make the process fairer and more equitable for all voters, including all mail-in voting. We advocate for redistricting reform in Maryland, ranked choice voting for Montgomery County offices, and open primaries in Maryland.

What We Do

  • Educate and Engage Voters - Register voters; prepare publications to explain the voting process; produce and distribute the Voters’ Guide to inform voters of candidates’ positions on issues in their own words; meet with community groups; conduct or assist with candidate forums.
  • Protect Voting Rights - Learn about the election process; monitor election related activities at local, state and national levels; advocate for improvements to the election process such as redistricting reform.
  • Keep Ourselves and Others Informed - Election process, redistricting reform, ranked choice voting, open primaries, money in politics, ballot questions, all mail-in voting, etc.
  • Promote student engagement in political processes, registering to vote, and advocacy.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On

We meet monthly on an ad hoc schedule at the League Office at 7:00pm. See our Google calendar.

Contact: Mary Lanigan