International Relations

Judy Whiton, Chair - [email protected]

Who We Are

The International Relations (IR) committee focuses on critical international issues and how they relate to US foreign policy. We meet monthly on the fourth Thursday at a member’s home at 1:30 pm, excluding December and summer months.

What We Do

Every year we study an emerging international issue and examine the role US foreign policy plays in shaping and responding to it. We share our findings through fact sheets, discussion group presentations and expert speakers. From February through March IR hosts Great Decisions, the Foreign Policy Association’s forum for examining the eight most critical US foreign policy issues of the year.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On

Over the last year committee members have been familiarizing ourselves with the Northern Triangle (NT) countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Honduras to better understand their histories and the factors driving huge out migration to the US. As the new administration gets underway, we will continue to monitor US policy responses to their tragic situation as well as local efforts to aid the many emigrees from the NT who are now living in the US.