Judy Morenoff, Chair - [email protected]

Who We Are

The Education Committee leads LWVMC efforts to support quality public education and equal educational opportunity in Montgomery County. We communicate mostly by email, but can schedule committee meetings via Zoom (or eventually at the LWVMC office).

What We Do

We monitor issues related to early chilcare and education, the Montgomery County Public Schools, and Montgomery College. Based on the public policy positions agreed to by our members, we prepare testimony on the MCPS budget and other matters before the Montgomery County Board of Education and the County Council. And as informed individuals, we call or email our legislators and county council members about issues related to our schools.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On

A major focus will be monitoring the funding and implementation of the Kerwin Commission recommendations. They include making quality early childcare and pre-kindergarten accessible and affordable to all Montgomery County families, as well as a commitment to make all our schools "good schools" in order to narrow the achievement gap, decrease the dropout rate, and assure that all high school graduates are prepared for college or other career options.