Agriculture Committee

moco-agric-reserve-map_opt.jpgThe Agriculture Committee supports the preservation of agricultural lands in Montgomery County, especially the 93,000-acre Agricultural Reserve created in 1980.  To sustain the Ag Reserve, the County Planning Board created the Building Lot Termination (BLT) and the Transferable Development Rights (TDR) programs, which provide landowners in the Ag Reserve with some compensation for not developing their lands.  The Agriculture Committee monitors and advocates for the full use of these preservation programs.  The committee has also studied and developed public policy positions on a variety of issues related to the preservation of agricultural land. Most recently the Bethesda Downtown Plan’s use of BLTs has peaked the Committee’s attention.  New members to the committee are welcome; don’t be put off by what seems like arcane language.  If you are interested in land development, you’ll find a place on the committee to satisfy that interest.

Contact: Margaret Chasson-Contact for meeting place and dates.

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