Agriculture Committee


Who We Are

The agriculture study committee monitors actions that affect Montgomery County’s 93,000 acres of agricultural and rural open space land preserved through the 1980 Master Plan: the Agricultural Reserve.  We meet monthly or as necessary to review meetings and discussions by government agencies that pertain to issues affecting the Reserve. Meeting times are flexible and depend upon the time availability of committee members.

Contact: Margaret Chasson –, 301-942-0497

What  We Do 

 During the past 2 years the county planning department has been developing an agritourism plan, which is a response to questions about "ways to enhance the economic opportunities in the county’s award winning Agricultural Reserve."  The committee will review the plan, provide comment where appropriate and inform our members of the thrust of the plan.  Another focus for the Ag. Committee is to study the issues regarding farm labor housing that came before the planning board early this summer. The study committee will monitor county action regarding this topic to ensure that the 1980 Master Plan for the Preservation of Agriculture and Rural Open Space continues to be properly implemented.

What You Can Do

If the Agricultural Reserve is important and of interest to you, spend a little time reading about it on the internet and become familiar with the 1980 Master Plan for the Preservation of Agriculture and Rural Open Space and the proposed Agritourism Plan.  Join committee discussions, observe county governmental meetings and lobby when appropriate.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On

  • Planning Board Agenda
  • County Council Agenda
  • Food Security Activity