Agriculture Committee


Margaret Chasson, Chair – [email protected], 301-942-0497

Who We Are

The agriculture study committee monitors actions that affect Montgomery County’s agricultural land and rural open space preserved through the 1980 Master Plan: the 93,000 acre Agricultural Reserve. We meet monthly or as necessary to review meetings and discussions by government agencies that pertain to issues affecting the Reserve. Meeting times are flexible and depend upon the time availability of committee members.

What We Do

The agritourism plan produced by the county planning board has not yet been discussed by the County Council because of the emphasis on Covid19, but as conditions improve some action on the plan is expected and the study committee will continue to monitor activity relating to agritourism. During the past year the committee has focused upon the ZTA 20-01 to allow commercial solar development in the Agricultural Reserve. Since the ZTA was approved as a conditional use, excluding property consisting of class 1 and 2 soils, the committee will monitor activity to place solar in the Agricultural Reserve, including as an accessory use to farming. Other actions such as sending local produce to Manna and increased sequestration activity will also be monitored as well as Council activity to ensure that the 1980 Master Plan for the Preservation of Agriculture and Rural Open Space continue to be properly implemented.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On

  • Planning Board Agenda
  • County Council Agenda
  • Food Security Activity
  • The County Climate Study