What We Do

The League of Women Voters is dedicated to providing well-researched and unbiased information so that all voters may become better informed. Browse this website to learn more about issues, events, and your elected representatives.

During Elections, the League of Women Voters assists people to become more informed participants in their community and their government by

  • producing Voters Guides;
  • assisting at voter registration drives and providing information about voting; 
  • and hosting forums for candidates.

The LWV also

  • Through member study committees, researches local issues such as transportation, housing, environmental concerns, campaign reform, etc. then produces Fact Sheets;
  • holds monthly discussion meetings to discuss issues based on Fact Sheets;
  • posts Fact Sheets on its web site at https://www.lwvmocomd.org/fact_sheets;
  • and lobbies local government on issues based upon consensus positions achieved at discussion meetings.