The League testifies to elected officials at all levels of government after it has studied an important community issue, developed research-based fact sheets on the issue, and reached consensus among its members. The fact sheets underpinning the public policy position become the basis for testimony. In the Montgomery County League, the President testifies, but League members help develop the testimony. Contact: Linda Silversmith

Date         Topics                                                     LWV Testimony

12/08/17   Renewable Energy: 2017-12-08 Email to County Council re Resolution to Strengthen MD’s Renewable Portfolio Standard Requirement

12/04/17  Ranked Choice Voting: 2017-12-04 Ranked Choice Voting

 10/18/17  Charter Review Commission: 2017-10-18 Testimony re Council Structure

 10/17/17  Transportation Solutions: 2017-10-17 Testimony to County Council re Transportation Resolution M-83

  9/21/17  Board of Elections: 2017-09-21 Letter to Governor re Montgomery County Board of Elections Vacancy

   9/7/17   Healthy Lawns Act: 2017-09-7 Letter to County Council re Healthy Lawns Act

   8/20/17   Paris Climate Change Agreement: 2017-08-20 Letter to County Exec re Paris Climate Change Agreement

   9/13/16  Subdivision Staging Policy: 2016-09-13 Testimony to County Council re Subdivision Staging Policy

   8/24/16  Term Limits: 2016-09-24 Testimony_Montgomery Charter Review Commission

 11/30/15  Ranked Voting: 2015-11-30 Testimony to MC Delegation re Local Bill 15-16, Ranked Voting

 11/30/15  Early Voting Centers:  2015-11-30 Testimony to MC Delegation re Local Bill 14-16, Early Voting Centers

 11/30/15  Special Election to Fill a Vacancy:  2015-11-30 Testimony to MC Delegation re Local Bill 2-16, Bd of Ed Vacancies.pdf

 11/18/15  Joint House and Senate Priorities:  2015-11-18 Testimony to MC Delegarion for Priorities Hearing

   6/17/15  Landlord/Tenant Relations:  2015-06-17 Testimony to PHED Committee re Bill 19-15, Landlord Tenant Relations

   6/11/15  Environmental Sustainability:  2015-06-11 Testimony to County Council re Bill 18-15-GreenBank

   4/23/15  County Budget:  2015-04-23 Testimony to Council re FY16 Operating Budget

     2/6/15  Special Election to Fill a Vacancy:  2015-02-06 Testimony to MC Delegation re Special Election for Bd of Ed Vacancies.pdf

   1/30/15  MC Transit Authority:  2015-01-30 Testimony to MC Delegation re MC Transit Authority

   1/28/15  Non-Essential Pesticides- Prohibitions:  2015-01-28 Testimony to Council re Bill 52-15, Pesticide Prohibitions

 10/10/14  State/county coordination, county master plans, and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): 2014-10-10 Letter to SHA re BRT

   9/23/14  Recommendations of the Right-To-Vote Task Force:  2014-09-23 Testimony to Council re Report of Right to Vote Task Force

   4/10/14   County Budget:  2014-04-10 Testimony to Council re FY15OperatingBudget

For testimony on matters prior to 2014, please contact us.