Observer Corps

Amelia Brust, [email protected]

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Who We Are

The Observer Corps is made up of “observers” who attend (either virtually or in person) governmental meetings, note what happens at the meeting and report back to the League with the prospect of broadcasting the information to the community via newsletters and discussion groups. If this newly collected information is of interest to the League and it’s policy positions, the League will act accordingly.

While attending meetings, observers maintain a non-partisan perspective and do not provide commentary or testimony at the meetings they observe. Rather they gather information.

What We Do

Observers select meetings to attend that are of particular concern to the public, as well as issues that are related to positions taken by the LWVMC. During this program year the Corps has attended and reported on meetings that are directly related to the interests of the Housing, Agriculture, and Education Committees. They have also reported on coronavirus relief funding, efforts around policing reforms including the Police Labor Relations Law and School Resource Officers in Montgomery County Public Schools. Because the League studied the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, the Observer Corps is monitoring how this act is being implemented for League resource committees and for the general membership.

What We’re Keeping An Eye On

The implementation of the Racial Equity Social Justice Act will continue to be a focus for observation. Continued interest by League committees in policing reform, in housing equality, in protecting the Agriculture Reserve, in education equity and in the appropriate allotment of county funds through budgeting will all remain a focus for the Corps. Observers will continue to monitor county government meetings in the upcoming program year. Contact Amelia Brust to join.