Money in Politics – Campaign Finance

The League of Women Voters has long been concerned about the influence of money in politics and has advocated for measures that “protect representative democracy from being distorted by big spending in election campaigns.” See LWVUS Statement of Position on Campaign Finance as announced by the National Board, April 2016 in LWVUS Impact on Issues.

Small groups of LWV members study and research an issue then produce a Fact Sheet summarizing the information. League members discuss the findings. These discussions lead to consensus on a new or revised League position, which then forms the basis of our public advocacy

League Studies:

  • Effectiveness of Campaign Finance in Montgomery County The Montgomery County League studied whether the first implementation of public campaign financing for the Montgomery County offices of County Executive and County Council in the 2018 election met the three stated goals in the law. FS 2019-12 Public Campaign Financing in Montgomery County
  • Money in Politics The League of Woman Voters of the United States (LWVUS) presented information on First Amendment-political speech issues for local leagues to study, discuss and indicate agreement or disagreement with a large number of consensus statements in order to update the LWVUS policy position on money in politics. Fact Sheet FS 2015-10 Money in Politics
  • Campaign Financing in Montgomery County The Montgomery County League studied the potential for campaign financing for Montgomery County offices in order to be prepared to address the specifics of legislative proposals introduced in the Maryland General Assembly. Fact Sheet FS 2009-11 Campaign Financing in Montgomery County

League Policy Positions on Money in Politics/Campaign Finance:

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