The positions of the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County are adopted after a committee has conducted a study and produced fact sheets and consensus questions. Members in each of the local Leagues meet to discuss and come to consensus on the issue.

BUDGET PROCESS:  We support continued improvement of Montgomery County budget procedures and budget documents with emphasis on increasing citizen understanding and input.  See details here.

CHARTER AND COUNTY GOVERNMENT:  We support the continuation of the charter form of government for Montgomery County with improvements to insure responsive and responsible government. See details here.

CHILD CARE In order to ensure a range of high quality child care and early education programs accessible to all children of low and moderate-income families. See details here.

CHILDREN’S SERVICES:  We support a comprehensive range of child-centered services to ensure all children a chance to grow toward stable productive adulthood. See details here.

CORRECTIONS:  We support a rehabilitative correctional system in Montgomery County for adults and juveniles. See details here.

EDUCATION:  We support quality public education and equal educational opportunity for all. See details here.

ELDERLY:  We support a wide range of services and facilities to meet the needs of the elderly in Montgomery County. See details here.

ELECTION PROCESS:  We support election systems that produce results that reflect community sentiment, increase voter participation and are easy to understand and implement.  We support Instant Run-off Voting for electing single seat or executive offices, members of the Board of Education or to fill vacancies when special elections are held.  See details here.

FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICES We support fire and rescue services that protect the health and safety of Montgomery County residents. See details here.

HEALTH CARE:  We support the improvement of public health services and facilities and access to care for all Montgomery County residents. See details here.

HOUSING AND PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS:  We support Montgomery County policies and programs to increase the supply of affordable housing, to prevent discrimination in housing and public accommodations and to meet the needs of the homeless. See details here.

LAND USE PLANNING:  We support comprehensive long-range planning for Montgomery County and the Washington Metropolitan Area and support the preservation of agricultural lands through various easement measures and other means. See details here.

LOCAL REVENUE:  We support policies to strengthen the fiscal structure of Montgomery County. See details here.

POLICE SERVICES: We support pro-active/preventive policing in Montgomery County. See details here.

TRANSPORTATION:  We support a balanced system of transportation, transportation services, transportation information and solutions to current and future county transportation needs.  See details here.