Diane Hibino, Chair - [email protected]

Who We Are

Our Committee members work together to attract, engage and maintain both new and veteran members and volunteers.

What We Do

Our objective is to increase membership through outreach and voter registration events that educate and engage the public about League voter services, advocacy, lobbying and research activities. We invite and introduce both new and experienced members and volunteers to join a League committee that best suits their interests and skills to find a meaningful role in League activities. We organize welcome receptions for new and prospective members and volunteers, staffed by our Committee chairs and members, several times a year to provide opportunities to meet each other and hear from long-time Leaguers about their own involvement. Our committee also partners with the Civic Education Action Committee working with both high school and college student members and volunteers to foster their involvement in League activities. We help spread the word that free memberships are available to students ages 16 to 30.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On

We continue to explore fresh ideas for engaging new members, volunteers and the public from all demographics, with a focus on improving visibility to underserved communities and on maximizing outreach via events and social media.