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    League members act:
    Rally on steps of SCOTUS


    Joined by Gov. Larry Hogan and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, League members from North Carolina and the National Capital Area held a March 26 rally on the Supreme Court steps while inside the Justices deliberated the limits on partisan gerrymandering for  cases in Maryland and North Carolina. A June decision is anticipated. LWV will continue to educate voters about gerrymandering’s threat to democracy and follow Schwarzenegger's advice: "terminate gerrymandering."

    MoCo Council deliberates
    2020 budget



    LWVMC Testifies to Council 

    • Voting: Supports extra expenditures requested by Board of Elections
    • Education: Supports expansion of full-day slots in the Pre-K and HeadStart
    • Housing: Supports increased supply of affordable housing
    • Environment: Supports modest increases in budget for solid waste services and environmental services

    Read the full testimony.

    LWVMC studies economic development


    Discussion Groups in April tackle economic development in Montgomery County.  See the Fact Sheet, a research report of the League’s Economic Development Committee.


    • County trends/status in regard to demographics, employment, housing, transportation, agriculture, and projected development.
    • Economic development activity in the County
    • County’s four economic goals: business vitality, talent, creative economics, placemaking
    • “Empower Montgomery”s criticism of the County’s economic management

    Join the discussion and vote a member consensus.

    Fair maps
    for fair elections


    Ending gerrymandering in Maryland

    Maryland’s congressional districts are currently among the most pathetically gerrymandered districts in the country (click map to enlarge), due to the redistricting process, which, in 2011, took place behind closed doors and was designed to promote unfair partisan and incumbent advantages.

    The League of Women Voters is fighting gerrymandering and has won victories in California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  

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