• Priorities for 2020 MD General Assembly


    Maryland Leagues Set Priorities for 2020 Maryland General Assembly

    Convenes January 8, 2020


    Electoral College: Abolish it



    The method for selection of the president—the Electoral College-- is an issue of much public discussion and concern. At its 2018 Biennial Convention LWVUS reaffirmed its long-held position that the direct-popular-vote method for electing the President and Vice President is essential to representative government and that the Electoral College should be abolished. EVERY vote from EVERY voter in EVERY state would count equally.

    Empowering Voters


    Empowering Voters

    VOTE411.org, the League’s electronic non-partisan electronic guide for voters has a new logo but continues to be the League’s one-stop-shop for non-partisan election-related information. As the 2020 elections approach, see the races on your ballot, compare candidates’ positions, and print out a sample ballot. In 2018 more than 5 million voters went to VOTE411.org to register to vote, find candidate information, and more.

    Voters’ Guide
    LWVMC publishes a non-partisan Voters' Guide a month before the primary and general elections. The Guide contains unedited candidate statements and, for the general election, explanations of the ballot questions. A Spanish edition is being planned for the 2020 primary election.

    Primary Election: April 28, 2020
    General Election: November 3, 2020

    Votes for women 1920-2020



    Suffragists demonstrate at the White House

    Hundreds of women from the National Women’s Party picketed the White House from 1917-1919. The pickets forced President Wilson to face the rampant hypocrisy in his proclamation that the US was “fighting for democracy” abroad during WWI while at the same time half of the country was disenfranchised. The demonstrators risked arrest and prison terms. (About 500 women were arrested for demonstrating and as many as 170 were imprisoned—many at Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia.)

    Workhouse Prison Museum https://workhousemuseums.org

    Read: https://www.nps.gov/articles/flexing-feminine-muscles-strategies-and-conflicts.htm

    For local celebrations of the 19 Amendment Centennial: http://lwvnca.org/Centennial.html

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