Support "People Powered Fair Maps" & Follow the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission

Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission

The Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission is charged with drawing Congressional districts and MD State Senate/Delegate districts. To learn more about the Commission and keep up with the process, click here.

The Commission is currently holding a series of hearings on Wednesday evenings at 6pm for eight regions, beginning June 9 and ending July 28. The hearing "Montgomery County" will be on July 21, 2021. However, any resident is welcome to attend and speak at any of the sessions. Click here to see the schedule for this First Round.

We encourage all residents to sign up for a hearing and tell them the following:

  • why you think the Commission's work and process is important,
  • what makes your county/area unique, and
  • ask the Commission to consider and respect any "community of interest maps" that are submitted to them.


Sign the Pledge and tell the world you support redistricting reform in Maryland - before it's too late!

Learn More at People Powered Campaign for #FairMaps

LWVMD Issues Strong Position Supporting #FairMaps

Every ten years, the US Constitution requires that a census be taken and be used to reapportion voters into Congressional, state and local districts. The 2020 Census results will be available by May 2021, and the redistricting in Maryland must be completed by early 2022. The LWVMD and LWVUS have strong and long-held positions for how to draw People-Powered Fair Maps. The Maryland General Assembly will work on redistricting after their 2021 Session, probably in a Special 2021 Session.  The League is active now and is watching the process closely.

To learn more and how you can help Maryland get Fair Maps for the next decade, please read the League's Issue Paper!

If you have questions or want to volunteer, contact Beth Hufnagel, Lead of the LWVMD Redistricting Advocacy Team ([email protected]). #FairMaps