How to Vote

The Maryland Primary Election has been postponed from April 28 to June 2 because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The State Board of Elections must issue procedures by April 3 outlining how the primary election will be conducted.

Information on election procedures and dates on this page will be updated. Go to the Maryland State Board of Elections website for the most up to date information.

Three Ways to Vote

VOTE EARLY at any one of the Montgomery County Early Voting Centers near you. You may also register and vote the same day at an Early Voting Center if you bring a document proving that you live in the county.

Early Voting Center locations for the 2020 election are open April 16 – 23 from 10 am to 8 pm.

Note: Early Voting Centers are not open on Election Day. A few Early Voting Centers serve as precinct polling places on Election Day but most do not. Check your polling place

2. VOTE by MAIL (ABSENTEE BALLOT). Any registered voter may vote by mail; no reason is needed. Three steps to vote absentee:

1) Apply for an absentee ballot:

  • Go to to apply online or to download an application, or call the Board of Elections at 240-777-8550 to have an application mailed.
  • Go to the Board of Elections in person and complete your application.  If the absentee ballots are available, you may also receive your ballot and vote the same day as you apply.  

2) Return the application for your absentee ballot by mail, email, or in person to the Board of Elections by the deadline dates below:

  • by Tuesday, April 21 (Primary) or October 27 (General) to have your ballot mailed or faxed, or
  • by Friday, April 24 (Primary) or October 30 (General) to download your ballot, or
  • by Tuesday, April 28 (Primary) or 3 (General) for in-person pick-up of ballot at Board of Elections

3) Return your completed absentee ballot by mail or deliver it in person. The completed absentee ballot must be mailed or hand-delivered in one of the following ways:

  • Mailed to the Board of Elections and postmarked on or before Election Day
  • Hand-delivered to the Board of Elections before 8 pm on Election Day. Do not fax the absentee ballot to the Board of Elections
  • NEW FOR 2020 - Hand delivered to any Early Voting Center during Early Voting
  • NEW FOR 2020 - Hand delivered to your precinct polling place on Election Day

For more information, see Montgomery County Board of Elections, Absentee – Frequently Asked Questions


Check your polling location on the sample ballot that is mailed to you by the Montgomery County Board of Elections. You can also look up your polling place online.

On Primary Election Day, Tuesday, April 28, go to your assigned local polling place. Polls are open 7 am to 8 pm.  Do not go to an Early Voting Center unless you are assigned to one of the precincts listed below:

  • Precinct 5-23: Vote at Marilyn Praisner Community Recreation Center
  • Precinct 10-13: Vote at Potomac Community Recreation Center
  • Precincts: 13-05, 13-10, and 13-50: Vote at Silver Spring Civic Building
  • Precinct 13-49: Vote at Mid-County Community Recreation Center

What is the voting process in Maryland?

Do more than vote!  Volunteer to work at the election 
Registered voters are always needed to work as election workers (or election judges) at the polls, especially those who also speak Spanish or other languages. Training and a stipend is provided. For more information, see Montgomery County Board of Elections.

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