How to Vote

General Election - Tuesday November 3, 2020. Early voting - October 22-29, 2020.

On July 8, 2020, Governor Hogan directed the Maryland State Board of Elections (SBE) to run the General Election in a manner that "facilitates maximum voter participation". Key points of Hogan’s plan are as follows:

  • Polling places will be open for in-person voting on Election Day, November 3, 2020.
  • Every early voting center will be open for in-person voting.
  • The State Board of Elections will send an absentee ballot application to every eligible voter. Anyone who wants to vote by mail must complete the application and return it to the Board of Elections. You will then be sent the actual absentee ballot.

Note: For the June Primary Election, every eligible voter received an actual Vote By Mail ballot. For this General Election, you will receive an application for a Vote By Mail ballot. Only if the application is filled out and returned to the Board of Elections will you then receive an actual Vote By Mail ballot.

You don’t have to wait for the Board of Elections to send you an application. There are four ways you can obtain and submit an application before the mass mailing (recommended):

  1. Online: Access the online application process here. You must have a Maryland driver’s license or other MVA issued card to apply online. The same online process is used for voter registration. By going through the application, you will also be making sure that the record of your voter registration information is correct. To use the Spanish version of this form, look at the upper right of screen, toggle from English to Spanish and click on "Change Language".

  2. Paper mail-in application: Print out form, fill out and return by mail, email, fax or in person to the Montgomery County Board of Elections.
    English version of form.
    Spanish version of form.
  3. Text: Text VBM to 77788

  4. Phone: Call the Montgomery County Board of Elections, 240-777-8550

On your application, when answering "How do you want to receive your ballot?" please check "U.S. Mail." If you check "Internet Delivery" or "Fax," you will print your ballot at home on paper the scanner won’t recognize, so the Board of Elections will have to transfer your answers to ballot paper the scanner will recognize.

There is no requirement to vote by mail, however due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of election workers, we believe it is the safest and most reliable option. If you choose to vote in person at early voting or on Election Day, you will have that option.

Whether you vote by mail or in person, you should make sure that your registration is up to date. You can check your voter registration at Voter Lookup and update your address if necessary. If you are not registered to vote in Maryland, you may register online. Also see How Do I Register.

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Helpful videos prepared by MyMCMedia featuring Dr. Gilberto Zelaya from the Montgomery County Board of Elections - in English and Spanish.

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