Who We Are

The Housing Committee focuses on housing in Montgomery County especially affordable housing, special needs housing, and fair housing and accommodations. We are currently seeking a new chair or co-chair for the committee. The Committee typically meets monthly.

What We Do

Study and support policies and programs to increase the supply of affordable housing, prevent discrimination in housing and public accommodations, and meet the housing needs of those with special needs, especially the homeless. Our current emphasis is on advocacy for legislation that furthers League housing policy positions.  We have a longstanding interest in the MPDU program and have recently supported County and State legislation to address tenant issues.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On:

  • The housing element of the update to the County’s General Plan currently underway and known as Thrive Montgomery 2050.
    See the attached presentation to learn the status of MoCo housing in 2020.  "Thrive 2050: A Framework For Thinking About the Future” is the work of Casey Anderson, Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board. The housing framework outlined in the slides is meant to help planners who are creating a new General Plan for the County.
  • The need to protect and preserve existing affordable housing.
    The MoCo Department of Housing and Citizens Affairs, Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs, provides information on tenants’ rights during the Covid-19 emergency in the attached slide presentation.  Included in the information is a description of Bill 18-20, “Renters’ Relief Act.” See LWVMC testimony in support of Bill 18-20.
  • Tenant issues and results of the recent comprehensive inspections of rental housing.

Contact:  Sally Roman for meeting place and date.