Behind the 2018
midterm election turnout



U.S. Census Bureau

  • Voter turnout was up among all voting age and major racial and ethnic groups
  • Fifty-three percent of voting-age population voted in 2018, highest midterm turnout in four decades. More info.

League of Women Voters

  • Registered 250,000+ people
  • Educated over 10M voters; Vote411.org
  • Protected over 1.9 million voters
  • Hosted and supported 15,000 events

Fair Maps for Fair Elections

Fair maps
for fair elections


Ending gerrymandering in Maryland

Maryland’s congressional districts are currently among the most pathetically gerrymandered districts in the country (click map to enlarge), due to the redistricting process, which, in 2011, took place behind closed doors and was designed to promote unfair partisan and incumbent advantages.

The League of Women Voters is fighting gerrymandering and has won victories in California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  


LWVMC Studies Economic Development

MD General Assembly ends


During 2019 session, LDVMD volunteers testified on over 100 bills. Some of the wins:

  • Election day voter registration
  • Clean Energy Jobs Act
  • Expanded prohibition of polystyrene food service products
  • The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (Kirwan)
  • “Fight for Fifteen” minimum wage
  • Task force to study transportation access

More info


MoCo Council Deliberates 2020 Budget

MoCo Council deliberates
2020 budget



LWVMC testimony on key issues:

  • Voting: Supports extra elections expenditures
  • Education: Supports expanded Pre-K and HeadStart
  • Housing: Supports expanding affordable housing
  • Environment: Supports increased waste and environmental services budgets

Read the full testimony.


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