Rally on Steps of SCOTUS



WHAT: Rally to end gerrymandering

WHERE: The U.S. Supreme Court steps

WHEN: 9:30am, Tuesday, March 26

WHY: In 3 weeks the Supreme Court will hear our redistricting case, Rucho v. League of Women Voters of North Carolina. In this critical moment, we need our members and supporters at the rally to show our commitment to our cause.


Fair Maps for Fair Elections

Fair Maps
for Fair Elections



Redistricting Reform

LWVMD/MC is fighting for the passage of HB43 and SB90, and HB463 and SB110 currently under consideration in the 2019 MD General Assembly. The bills establish a fair and transparent process to draw new, fair district lines after the 2020 census.

Maryland’s Congressional Districts are among the most pathetically gerrymandered districts in the country.

Learn about our campaign for redistricting reform in Maryland.

Sign the support pledge, receive email alerts, and keep current on developments.

Get involved. Attend a meeting in Rockville on March 7, 2019 at 6:30pm or contact us at mdw@lwvmocomd.org.


LWVMC Supports Ranked Choice Voting

LWVMC Supports Ranked Choice Voting



RCV ensures that the winning candidate will have support from a majority of voters. Learn more about RCV and see the many other benefits!

LWVMC in coalition with RCV for Maryland, is advocating for RCV in Montgomery County.

LWVMC testified in support of MC-29-19 Montgomery County-Voting Methods, a bill that gives Montgomery County the ability to use RCV, at the MoCo delegation hearing in December 2018.  We will continue to support RCV during the 2019 General Assembly legislative session.

Visit rcvformaryland.com to get on the mailing list and learn more about RCV.



Maryland General Assembly Now In Session

Maryland General Assembly
Now In Session



The 2019 General Assembly session runs from Jan. 9-April 8. Bills impacting League areas of interest such as voter access, social justice, and the environment will be introduced and voted on. Be a voice for the League:

• View League Legislative Priorities for 2019
• Subscribe to Report from State Circle, a newsletter that monitors progress on proposals/bills key to League priorities that are before the General Assembly
• Contact representatives to lobby for passage or defeat of bill http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/


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