Election 2018

Election 2018



Thanks to Voters: Record high turnout for midterm elections!

Thanks to League volunteers:

  • Provided candidate information-for every office in every county in Maryland-via vote411.org
  • Distributed 80,000 printed Voters’ Guides to MC residents
  • Published a Spanish language version of the Voters’ Guide
  • Registered voters, continuously, and “on call”
  • Hosted and supported candidate forums
  • Offered free speakers on ballot questions

Together we create a more perfect democracy.


LWVMC Supports Ranked Choice Voting

LWVMC Supports Ranked Choice Voting



RCV ensures that the winning candidate will have support from a majority of voters. See the many other benefits!

LWVMC in coalition with RCV for Maryland, led by Fair Vote, is advocating for RCV in Montgomery County.

In 2017, LWVMC testified in support of MC-19-18 (HB 173). This year the MoCo Delegation plans to introduce similar legislation, MC-29-19 Montgomery County-Voting Methods and LWVMC plans to support it again.

Attend Fair Vote’s activist summit on December 1 (details here) and learn how to help advocate for RCV.



Priority Issue-2019 MD General Assembly: Redistricting Reform

2019 MD General Assembly:
Priority Issue



Redistricting Reform

LWVMD/MC will fight for the passage of a bill in the 2019 MD General Assembly that establishes a fair and transparent process to draw new, fair district lines after the 2020 census.

Maryland’s Congressional Districts are among the most pathetically gerrymandered districts in the country.

Learn about our campaign for redistricting reform in Maryland.

Get involved. Attend a meeting in Rockville on November 14, 2018 at 6:30pm or contact us at mdw@lwvmocomd.org.

Sign the support pledge and receive updates and email alerts.


Pretrial Justice-Bail Reform

Pretrial Justice-Bail Reform



  1. What happens after a suspect is apprehended and before that person faces a trial that determines guilt or innocence?
  2. What is the role of bail and pretrial detention?
  3. Are there alternatives to jailing defendants before their guilt is established?
  4. What criteria should be used to determine which defendants are locked up and which are released until trial?

Read LWV of MD Bail Reform Study Fact Sheet.

Attend November Discussion Groups.



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