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What’s a primary election? A voting opportunity to choose party candidates for the November general election.

Must I register to vote in the primary? Yes, by June 5, 2018. Learn more.

Where do I vote? By absentee ballot, at an Early Voting Center from June 14 to June 21 (10am-8pm), or at your assigned polling place on June 26 (8am-8pm).


Legislative Priorities


Legislative Priorities



2018 Maryland GA Gets It Done

  • Metro system dedicated funding at $167 million per year
  • Automatic voter registration via citizen interaction with some State agencies
  • Health care system shored up with $380 million patch to prevent spikes in premiums
  • Public safety bill allows stiffer penalties for repeat offenders and expunging of convictions for some after 15 years
  • School safety bill mandates police or resource officer coverage at all schools

Fighting voter suppression




"No matter who does it, gerrymandering is wrong 100% of time!"

League members gather again on the steps of the Supreme Court as the justices hear oral arguments in a case out of Maryland that argues politicians designed the state's congressional map with district lines based on partisan politics.

Political and racial gerrymandering distorts and undermines representative democracy by allowing officials to select their voters rather than voters to elect their officials. Learn more.


What We're Keeping an Eye On….

What We're Keeping an Eye On….


Names of candidates and races in the primary election: See the Maryland Board of Elections list of candidates at all governmental levels. For non-partisan information on candidates use our LWV voters online guide. Hard copies of the Guide available end of May; request a primary election copy until May 4.


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