Economic Development

Margaret Chasson, Chair - [email protected]

Who We Are

The economic development study committee will continue to study activity supported by the Montgomery County government, Worksource Montgomery and local universities to prepare young persons for employment and to meet the employment needs of county businesses.
Reserve. We meet monthly or as necessary to review meetings and discussions by government agencies that pertain to these issues. Meeting times are flexible and depend upon the time availability of committee members.

What We Do

The study committee interviews persons responsible for hiring young people and working with students such as the Department of Recreation to gain insight into activity to encourage employment readiness among the county’s youth. We also monitor activity of Worksource Montgomery and Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation to learn of employment needs and actions to provide training to match those needs. During the past year as Covid19 has impacted employment in the County, we have monitored County Council activity regarding employment and benefits to deal with unemployment. We will continue to monitor Council activity as recovery occurs.

What We’re Keeping an Eye On

  • Worksource Montgomery
  • Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation
  • County Council
  • County Departments
  • Chambers of Commerce