Discussion Groups

May Discussion Groups: Montgomery County and Older Adults

Come to any CONSENSUS discussion group and learn more about what Montgomery County is providing for people who age here. Are our positions about “the elderly” still relevant? Should we have more or different positions about aging in the County? Do read this month’s fact sheet and come to a discussion group and learn, discuss, then members VOTE on current and proposed positions.

Choose any one of the five discussion groups, either in person or by Zoom and learn more. LWVMC uses the videoconferencing platform Zoom for four of the Discussion Groups. There is one Discussion Group that meets in person only at Riderwood no matter where you live. We invite all members and non-members to discuss and learn. The free videoconferencing app for Zoom may be installed on your electronic device. No DG reservations are needed!

Choose any of the 4 Zoom sessions (including Wednesday, Leisure World/Rossmoor) as they use the SAME LINKS that will be sent to every member before DGs are held. If your Zoom link doesn’t arrive, please contact Bee Ditzler at [email protected]. You do not need to contact anyone to attend ANY session.

Choose from any of the five meetings to attend:

  • Zoom – Evening, Tuesday May 10, 7 pm
  • Zoom – Wednesday May 11, 10:30 am
  • Zoom – Thursday May 12, 10 am
  • Zoom – Weekend, Saturday May 14, 10 am

For all Zooms contact LWVMC office (301) 984-9585.