Kathy McGuire & Claire Hacker, Co-Chairs - [email protected]


What We Do

The Communications Committee is an administrative committee charged with coordinating the information that goes to League members and the public. We ensure that information on the website, social media postings, and the newsletter are synchronized so that messages are accurate and consistent. We have also focused on consistent policies regarding communications so that members and the public know what to expect. We developed a policy regarding simultaneous livestreaming of Zoom webinars of Trending Topics to YouTube. More members have been trained to use social media effectively in order to expand our audience for programs and activities.

What We're Keeping an Eye On

We have begun the process of developing a privacy policy to post on our website, especially important now that all of our programs are virtual. We are mindful of a growing reliance on social media, especially among younger members. As the public health crisis abates, we are also thinking about what we have learned from operating in a virtual environment and how we incorporate those lessons in a hybrid environment.