Civic Education Action


Who We Are

The Civic Education Action Committee was formed in January 2020 to implement recommendations made by our seven Discussion Groups for actions the LWVMC could take to advance civic education in Montgomery County.  These recommendations resulted from structured discussions in 2019-2020 of the report of the LWVMD-sponsored two-year study on Civic Education in Maryland Public Schools.  The Committee typically meets on the first Saturday of each month.

What We Do

Our process is to review Discussion Groups’ recommendations to evaluate their feasibility.  For those that are deemed achievable and high priority we develop implementation plans and action steps.

Our Current Projects

In the first two meetings of this new committee, we initiated several actions, including developing:

  • a strategic framework and business plan for the recommendations we will implement,
  • preliminary plans to participate in community parades in order to raise awareness of the 100-year history of the suffragist movement and the League of Women Voters,
  • parameters for a prize to reward a teacher for running an effective Student Service Learning (SSL) program for the civic education of Montgomery County students.
  • a professional development program for teachers’ summer workshops, based on the LWV approaches of studying a topic, developing a Fact Sheet, achieving consensus on policy questions and advocacy based on the resulting policy positions.
  • a plan to recruit mentors from among our LWVMC members who are experts in specific areas, to assist teachers in their Civic Education efforts and/or guide student SSL projects for which LWVMC will award credit for SSL hours earned.

Contact: Yoke San L. Reynolds, Chair,