Civic Education Action

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Yoke San L. Reynolds, Chair [email protected]

Who We Are

The Civic Education Action Committee was formed in January 2020 to organize civic education activities. The Committee typically meets on the fourth Thursday evening of each month.

What We Do

We develop events and projects for Montgomery County educators, students, League members and the general public. For educators, we sponsor an annual professional development workshop on civic education. For county high school students, we develop Student Service Learning (SSL) opportunities with the mentorship of a League member. These have been conducted remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. The objective is to provide the student(s) with SSL credits required for high-school graduation while pursuing meaningful civic engagement, as well as contributing to an important League initiative, such as the Observer Corps, the Resource Committee on County Revenues, and social media Get Out The Vote activities. We also assist with Montgomery College student service activities. We partner with the Membership Committee in ongoing outreach to new student members. Additionally, we have a joint project with the Making Democracy Work Committee and Observer Corps to develop resources on how government works. In February 2021, we facilitated the LWVMC’s Discussion Group conversations on the report “Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century” from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The committee is launching a number of new ventures, including a civic education program for Girl Scouts, and a community discussion for 2021-2022 that uses the approach of the Harvard Business School Case Method Institute (HBS CMI). Several other new projects include (a) identifying and distributing information to support voter decision-making at different points of the election cycle and (b) encouraging the use of Ranked Choice Voting in student government elections. Besides the HBS CMI, our collaborators in these projects include Girl Scout leaders and the National Council of Jewish Women.

What We‘re Keeping An Eye On

  • How the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act’s $1 billion designated for a national service year will be allocated.
  • H.R.400 - To amend the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to increase civics education programs, and for other purposes
  • Federal legislation proposed by Senators Coons and Cornyn to invest in civics education



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