Civic Education Action

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Who We Are

The Civic Education Action Committee was formed in January 2020 to advance civic education in Montgomery County. The Committee typically meets on the third Wednesday evening of each month.

What We Do

The Committee implements recommendations that resulted from structured conversations held in LWVMC Discussion Groups in November 2019 on the seminal report from the League of Women Voters of Maryland (LWVMD)-sponsored two-year study on Civic Education in Maryland Public Schools.

In addition, the Committee engages in other activities that provide opportunities for Montgomery County residents, especially young people, to gain practical knowledge about how government functions and to practice the civic skills that are necessary for them to be effective participants in the political processes of our democracy.

Our Projects

  • Producing a professional development workshop for teachers on civic education. The workshop included demonstrations by two teachers of how they used the LWV four-part approach to policy education and advocacy: identifying and studying a policy topic, developing a Fact Sheet, achieving consensus on policy questions, and advocating for the resulting policy positions. Also featured in the workshop was the Montgomery County Public School Film Production teacher of an award-winning documentary produced by his students. He explained the framework, centered on the Constitution, that all his students use to explore a public policy issue. This workshop was conducted virtually in June/July,2020 and the video of the June 24 session is at
  • Creating virtual Student Service Learning (SSL) civic engagement activities for Montgomery County high school students. By the end of the summer, we had launched seven projects, averaging 21 student applicants per summer project. Currently-open SSL offerings may be viewed at Mentors for students in these projects have been drawn from our committee as well as LWVMC members not on our committee, to whom we are especially grateful. We welcome ideas and mentors for additional SSL projects.
  • Assisting in a service project for Montgomery College students by sharing materials developed for an earlier MCPS SSL “Get Out the Vote postcards” activity and customizing those materials for the college.
  • Envisioning and planning activities for the new academic year, to extend to broader circles and younger cohorts. One of our Committee members guided the development of a website, The Yellow Roses, by four cousins aged 4 to 10 to celebrate 100 years of women’s voting rights through storytelling, art and advocacy. This website is managed and maintained privately, independent of the LWVMC. Additional information may be obtained by sending an email to [email protected]

We welcome League members to join our committee and/or volunteer to participate in our activities. Contact: Yoke San L. Reynolds, Chair, [email protected]