Making Democracy Work

Making Democracy Work (MDW) focuses on voting and elections.  Our immediate goal is to energize citizens to vote in the June 2018 Primary Election and November 2018 General Election by registering voters, informing voters via the Voters’ Guide, and methodically increasing voter turnout.

Our work on an ongoing basis:

Educate and Engage Voters - Register voters; prepare publications to explain the voting process; produce and distribute the Voters’ Guide to inform voters of candidate’s positions on issues in their own words; meet with community groups; conduct or help with candidate forums.

Protect Voting Rights -  Learn about the election process; monitor election related activities at the local, state and national level; advocate for efforts to improve the election process such as redistricting reform.

We meet monthly on an ad hoc schedule at the League Office at 7:00pm. See Google calendar

Contact: Mary Lanigan

Blog of some current highlights:

Redistricting Reform in Maryland and

2018 Early Voting Centers in Montgomery County under Review -

Statement by Montgomery County Board of Elections in Response to April 11, 2017 Judicial Watch letter regarding voter registration records

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