Research: Fact Sheets

Small groups of LWV members study and and research an issue then produce a Fact Sheet summarizing the information. This is done at the national, state, and local levels. All LWV members read the Fact Sheet, then come to a consensus about their position on the issue. After a Position has been adopted, Action and Advocacy begins.

FS 2018-01 Program Planning 2018-2020

FS 2017-12 Early Childhood Education in Montgomery County

FS 2017-11 Renters and Rental Housing in Montgomery County

FS 2017–10  Primaries in Maryland

FS 2017-09 What's Coming Up in 2017-2018?

FS 2017-05 Transportation Update—What’s Moving in Montgomery County’s Transportation?

FS 2017-04 Global Education for Girls

FS 2017-03 LWVMD DRRA Study

FS 2017-01 Program Planning LWVMC, NCA & MD

FS 2016-12 MCs Climate Protection Plan Part 3

FS 2016-11 LWVMD Study on Legislative Delegate Districts in MD

FS 2016-10 Preguntas De La Boleta Electoral – Elección General Noviembre 8, 2016

FS 2016-10 Ballot Questions - General Election November 8, 2016

FS 2016-05 Density of Development in MC


FS 2016-03 Grants, Contracts & Non Profits II

FS 2016-02 MC Climate Protection Plan - Transportation

FS 2015-12 Liquor Control in Montgomery County

FS 2015-10 Money in Politics

FS 2015-09 Amending the Constitution

FS 2015-05 Youth At Risk in MC Part 2


FS 2015-02 MCs Climate Protection Plan, Part 1

FS 2014-12 MC Agriculture Today

FS 2014-11 Youth At Risk in MC

FS 2014-10 Ballot Questions: Rev 10.3.14

FS 2014-09 Immigrants in Montgomery County

FS 2014-05 MCPS Budget Process

FS 2014-04 Water Quality in Montgomery County rev4-1-14

FS 2014-03 LWVMD Election Process Study Part 2

FS 2014-02 New Agricultural Technologies and Methods

FS 2014-01 Economic Health of the Agricultural Sector

FS 2009-11 Campaign Financing in Montgomery County

FS 2007-12 & 2008-05 Alternative Election Study Parts 1 & II

FS 2005-11 The Composition of the Montgomery County Council









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