DIscussion Groups

Who We Are

Discussion Groups are monthly neighborhood gatherings of members and guests for the purpose of studying and discussing civic issues. Some discussions are purely educational to make members aware of key issues in Montgomery County. Other discussions require member consensus to develop League policy positions.

What We Do

Discussion Group Topics for 2017

September—What’s Coming Up in 2017-2018?

Here’s your opportunity to hear the topics to be discussed this year and put in your two cents about what issues and questions are important to you. Read more.

October—State Study on Primary Elections

October—Primaries in Maryland—A committee of LWVMD members, including several Montgomery members, has studied a variety of different primary styles and the October 8-12 Discussion Groups will review the study that presents some alternative ways to conduct primary elections and how these changes might make a difference.  Check out the FS  2017-10 Primaries in Maryland Fact Sheet and dig deeper with the Primary Study Background Materials and Primary Study Resources.  Be a part of making recommendations about the current primary system and what kind of changes the LWVMD might support.  See the Primary Study Recorder’s Form for consensus questions.

NovemberRenters and Renting in Montgomery County

DecemberEarly Childhood Education in Montgomery County

What You Can Do

Get Active

September Discussion Group meeting places, times and contacts T/C.

In the future, Discussion Group meeting places, times, contacts and topics for the month will be posted here each month and also appear in the Voter newsletter. Everyone welcome!

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